Data Science Manager/Director - Slice Technologies & (San Mateo, CA)

Slice is looking for a Data Science Manager/Director to lead our Measurement Science Team.

The Measurement Science team operates on one of the richest commerce data sets in the world. We are responsible for building models to allow us to generalize from our Slice panel of millions of shoppers to the broader US online buying population of hundreds of millions of shoppers.  In order to do so, we resolve any discrepancies between our data and other sources of truth data.  This includes developing methods that will quantify biases in our user panel, weighting and projecting our data, identifying sources of data loss and data errors, developing statistical methods for data imputation and normalization, and determining methods to improve data validity.  These solutions underlie all of our e-commerce market research products.

Slice was founded by proven entrepreneurs and offers the best of both worlds: a startĀ­up with the backing of an established global company that is revolutionizing the internet services landscape. Currently, it is the most cited source in e-commerce. Learn more about Slice Intelligence at and on twitter @SliceIntel.