Macroeconomists - Congressional Budget Office (Washington DC)

Macroeconomists with a broad range of macroeconomic skills to construct, improve and use cutting-edge models that underlie CBO's short-term and long-term economic projections; analyze current economic developments; conduct policy analysis; and analyze and write studies discussing trends in the economy. CBO analysts address challenging substantive issues in economics and public policy while working in a collegial environment that provides opportunities for research on numerous topics relevant to the agency's endeavors. They are encouraged to pursue independent research projects related to CBO's broad mission and present this work at conferences and publish it in peer-reviewed journals. Staff construct and improve cutting-edge models that underlie CBO's policy analyses and prepare longer-term CBO studies, shorter-term memoranda, and testimonies. Apply online at by November 22 to ensure consideration. CBO will interview at the ASSA Annual Conference. CBO may consider US citizens and noncitizens who are permanent residents of the US seeking citizenship for employment or internships. We are unable to consider people on visas. Contact Nancy Fahey, Washington, DC, 20515, with inquiries.