Public and Private Mandates Analyst - Congressional Budget Office (Washington DC)

CBO's estimates of the costs of federal mandates provide the Congress with important information as it considers proposed legislation. The Public and Private Mandates Unit works closely with Congressional staff; industry and business groups; and representatives of state, local, and tribal governments. The analyst's portfolio will be determined at the time of hiring and could encompass a variety of program areas, such as income security and labor, justice, homeland security, general government and administration, and veterans benefits. Candidates must have a graduate degree in public policy, public administration, economics, or a similar degree in a related field. Candidates must demonstrate strong quantitative and research skills and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely in writing, to accurately interpret and analyze legislative proposals, and to work well under tight deadlines. Apply through the link. Contact Nancy Fahey, Washington, DC, 20515, with inquiries.