Analyst in Social Policy (Social Security) - Library of Congress (Washinton DC)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Domestic Social Policy Division (DSP) is seeking an Analyst in Social Policy (Social Security) to serve the United States Congress by providing expertise on issues pertinent to Social Security (e.g., financing, solvency of trust funds, program impact on beneficiaries, and program design and operations) or related income security programs. Work may include design and evaluation of options for Congress that would change Social Security's existing benefit and financing structure. Analyst duties include preparing objective, non-partisan analytical studies and descriptive background reports on issues of national significance; providing personal consultation and assistance to congressional committees, Members, and staff on public policy issues throughout the legislative process; and participating in or leading team research projects and seminars. The employee is also expected to develop over time the skills necessary to provide public policy and legislative analysis and consultation to congressional committees, Members, and staff at increasingly sophisticated levels.