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March 2018

Artificial intelligence can reflect and reinforce societal prejudice and gender differences, but artificial intelligence can also help fight them, Rumman Chowdhury believes - one of last year's 100 most inspiring and innovative women, according to the BBC.

Read the article here (in Norwegian).



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March 2018

Rumman was featured as a part of CBS Cares and #SeeHer PSA campaign for women's history month. Introduced by Maria Bello from NCIS.

Watch it here.

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Accenture Nordics

February 2018

Video on responsible AI where Rumman talks about ethical AI and what kind of points companies should consider when applying AI solutions to their business.

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CMS Wire Article

February 2018

Can Artificial Intelligence Weed Out Unconscious Bias? “But here’s where I think people need to evolve a bit — some of these solutions are designed around ‘tricking’ us into behaving and thinking better. But for AI to have the positive effect that people want, instead of trying to trick you into having a more diverse candidate pool, what it really should do is nudge you achieve that on your own.” 

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OPTIO Magazine

January 2018

Article available here (in Finnish).


BBC 100 Women #teamlead

October 2017

This year for BBC 100 women they decided to give the groups challenges to tackle in their realm of expertise. Rumman's group #teamlead were tasked with creating an app that encouraged people to become allies in meetings, by encouraging everyone to have equal participation. 

Read all about it here.


Humanitarian Privacy Concerns with AI

September 2017

AI and machine learning have become an increasingly prevalent part of our society.  Companies use them to take snippets of information about you and to learn about your life, and even to make inferences about what you might do and what you believe.  Today we talk to Dr. Rumman Chowdhury about the humanitarian and privacy concerns that result from the use of AI.

SparkDialog podcast can be found here.


'The Data Scientist Putting Ethics into AI' by Poornima Apte

September 2017

Celebrating women in the 21st century: OZY and the BBC partner to tackle the challenge of workplace confidence in Silicon Valley. Why you should care - Because she’s imagining what the AI-driven workforce will look like.

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Interview with Chilean newspaper la Segunda

September 2017

Article is available here (in Spanish).



Talk at Summit País Digital 2017

September 2017

Presentation of Rumman Chowdhury, Senior Manager at Accenture Artificial Intelligence "The Impact of AI on the Digital Economy", within the framework of the Digital Country Summit: Digital Transformation, held in Santiago, Chile on September 5 and 6, 2017.

Video is dubbed in Spanish and can be viewed here.


Video highlights of Accenture en 5° Summit País Digital 2017. Santiago, Chile.

September 2017

Video available on YouTube.


Interview during 5° Summit País Digital in Santiago, Chile.

September 2017

Video available on YouTube.

InformationWeek Article

July 2017

AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced analytics technologies make up the leading-edge of how organizations are gaining value from big data. Here's a collection of some of the most influential and rising stars on Twitter when it comes to AI and machine learning.

Check out the article here. Podcast

May 2017

In this episode, Rumman Chowdhury shares her insights on:

  1. Enterprise AI – What exactly is it and the right way to think of it

  2. Two key advantages Enterprise AI can provide to your organization

  3. Biggest barrier executive leaders face when it comes to Entreprise AI

  4. Humanity and AI – Current AI models and flawed reality

  5. How to create AI with Active Inclusion

  6. Education as it stands today – how it’s about to be revolutionized

  7. And tons of other valuable insights…

Listen to the podcast here.

BBC Fusion Interview

May 2017

AI has become central to ideas about the future. But what exactly it is, and what it’s going to do for us, are still very much questions to be answered.

And that’s what Rumman Chowdury came to the BBC to do. At an event in which she was described as “California’s coolest data scientist”, Chowdury explained that she works for the consultants Accenture and has a clutch of high-powered degrees.

View the interview here

Software Engineering Daily Podcast

March 2017

Rumman Chowdhury works on artificial intelligence at Accenture. Before her current role, she taught data science at Metis. In this episode, we talk about the current state of artificial intelligence, from the tools available to the long term implications–such as the robot tax recently proposed by Bill Gates.

Check out the podcast here.

RE•WORK Interview

March 2017

To mark this year's International Women’s Day we’re interviewing Rumman ChowdhurySenior Manager at Accenture AI, who spoke at the 2017 Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco. Rumman's passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity, with a background in economics, policy analysis, quantitative methods and political science. I spoke to her to learn about how she joined her field, the challenges she's faced, and more.

Get the interview here.

MM.LaFleur Interview

January 2017

At 36, Rumman Chowdhury puts other multi-hyphenates to shame. A political scientist with degrees from MIT and Columbia, she began practicing data science before the field even existed, and is about to start a new job that involves artificial intelligence—on top of finishing her Ph.D. (try to keep up). We hung out with her a few weeks ago to talk about tech culture, behavioral patterns, short haircuts, and what would happen if she changed her LinkedIn photo to a man’s.

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PhDivas Podcast

December 2016

A big part of data science is (understanding) why people do what they do using data, because using data we can improve our lives.” 

Hear the full podcast here. Interview

December 2016

Software developer in Silicon Valley: This is one of the most coveted jobs in the 21st century. But how do you get to Silicon Valley as a student? 

See the full video here.

Machine Learning Conference Interview

October 2016

Our past Technical Chair interviewed Metis Senior Data Scientist Rumman Chowdhury and Metis bootcamp graduate Nathan Wieneke regarding their 12 week Data Science bootcamp and some of the interesting projects that they’ve had their students working on, including a student success story.

...In this interview, Rumman and Nate talk about his capstone NLP project, called Tweet Groups, that uses data science models and interactive visuals to create consumer groups based on social media. 

Read the full interview here