"Woman-Lecturing" won't help women in the workplace - solidarity will.

I'm currently getting involved with organizations and individuals who promote a diverse and inclusive environment for women and minorities. Metis has been an amazing and pro-diversity (of all kinds) environment - we offer a $2000 scholarship for women, military, and underrepresented minorities. However, I want us to push the envelope even more. Financial assistance is great, but we need to change culture.

I'm getting involved with networking groups and organizations that actively promote women and minorities. Ellevate Network is one of the groups that I reached out to - they have assertive, powerful, and intelligent women driving their leadership, and it seemed like a great place to put my influence in, as well as bring in female students from my classes. 

And then I read this article, written by Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of Ellevate. It starts with the not-so-true 'truism' that asserts that women don't help each other in the workplace (don't we? let's see the numbers!), and then proceeds to tear apart women as the primary source of blame for not getting ahead. 

Ladies, take note - our obstacle #1 is "Queen Bee"! No, not the systematic boys club that creates a negative environment, not society's pressures to be a 'good mom' or 'good wife' - your #1 obstacle is...another woman. At this point, it's obliquely mentioned that yes, okay, there are some sort of obstacles to women in positions of power, but it's clearly prioritized that this woman is the problem. 

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