Consulting Projects

How can we create objective higher education admissions criteria?

Based on subjective student assessments and alumni data, I used n-n clustering to determine objective admissions criteria for the International Relations/Pacific Studies Master's Program at UCSD. Presented findings at the National Association of Graduate Administrative Professionals annual conference. With Prof. Emilie Hafner-Burton, Director of the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation.

Is a 'zero-tolerance' school policy linked to future criminal behavior?

I coordinated the analytics team at the Vera Institute for Justice to develop a multi-level model and propensity score analysis of the Adolescent Health database to determine whether harsh school disciplinary protocols push youth toward criminal behavior. With Dr. Tarika Daftary-Kapur, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Farleigh Dickinson University.

Can social networks help us understand what makes some students prone to violence?

Social network analysis of the Adolescent Health database to identify violent student behavior and network mediators. Used Gephi to create data visuals. With Dr. Christopher Weiss, Director at the Vera Institute for Justice, former Director of NYU's Advanced Quantitative Methods Program.

How can the University of California system improve the graduate student experience?

Designed, implemented, and analyzed a UC-wide student survey to assess and improve Graduate and Professional Development Programs. Designed and conducted both qualitative (interview) and quantitative (online) data collection using Qualtrics. Utilized Python text-scraping tools (Beautiful Soup) to generate distribution list. With Paul Escobar, Director of Program Operations.

Should the World Bank invest in community-run or state-run sanitation programs in Indonesia?

Difference-in-differences model of a quasi-experiment to assess water projects in rural Indonesia. Author of the methodology and findings sections of resulting publications. With John Ikeda, Water and Sanitation Specialist. 

What can the LA County Museum of the Arts do to attract new and diverse members?

TURF and constant-sum analysis on Qualtrics survey data. LACMA wanted to tailor offerings by understanding member and nonmember preferences for events and other programming. Contracted by LUCID Consulting