Speaking Engagements




Global Artificial Intelligence Conference 

  • Applied Tensorflow training for data science professionals. This 3-hour course will have an introduction to Tensorflow (assumes no prior experience), then dives into hands-on examples using some of the industry standard case studies. 



Demystifying AI

  • Training session on using neural nets for recommendation engines.
  • "Did Big Data Fail us in the 2016 Election?" lightning talk 

Women Catalysts

I gave a lightning talk on Moral Outsourcing, and the Ethics of Data Science



I Interviewed in MLConf's blog, discussing the business application of a student's project that utilized the Twitter API to cluster consumers. 



At ODSC California (November 2016), I gave a tutorial on recommendation engines and how to refine them. Post-tutorial discussion inspired this blog post

I also ran a half-day tutorial that will be an introduction to Data Science 101. It's a crash course in what Data Science is capable of, how to leverage your background to enter the data science industry, and how to critically assess data science projects. 



Technical and state-of-the-industry talks at PyBay 2016:

I hosted an AMA-style open forum entitled "Launching a Data Science Career", intended for an introductory data science audience and for executives seeking to identify the qualities of a good data scientist in hiring.

In my technical talk, I presented an hour long seminar on Principal Components Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition, with a view into their practical uses for dimensionality reduction and image detection. Detailed information on my speaker page.



Panel Discussion - "Educating Future Data Scientists." We had a lively discussion on how to bridge the data science supply gap without compromising quality, what a data science education looks like, and how big corporations are adopting data science at scale.  Forbes had a good recap of the summit, including the panel. 

My co-panelists were: 

  • Anthony Goldbloom, CEO and co-Founder of Kaggle
  • Travis Oliphant, CEO and co-Founder of Continuum Analytics
  • Ryan Orban, CTO of Galvanize
  • Emily Glassberg-Sands, Data Science Manager at Coursera



National Association for Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP)

Presentation at the April 2014 Annual Meeting on improving the graduate admissions process using statistical tools to create objective criteria for assessing a global student pool. This presentation is part of ongoing work with the International Relations school at UCSD to improve the efficiency, transparency, and objectivity of the admissions process. With Sonja Steinbrech, Director of Enrollment, School of International Relations. 

Political Economy Week, Grossmont College

Speaker at the Fall 2013 Political Economy week at Grossmont College. 

League of Women Voters

Keynote speaker at the 2013 LWV San Diego annual meeting. 
Engaging Tomorrow's Leaders: The Future of the League and the Evolving Female Demographic

Who is the future of the League? What can the League provide for the female leaders of tomorrow? Today's young women have made significant advances in academia and the workplace, thanks to the revolutionary path that was forged for them. Organizations such as the League are vital for creating a sense of camaraderie, network opportunities and a support group of able, motivated women who encourage other women to achieve.